Terms & Conditions


Stonerite Limited (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") outlines below the terms and conditions for to the purchaser (hereinafter referred to as the Buyer) purchasing any products offered for sale via our website or directly with the Company by whatever means. The Company is not responsible for any purchases of Stonerite Limited products acquired via third parties including authorised dealers or agents, where the dealer or agent shall be considered to be the seller. None of the listed terms and conditions shall be considered to replace or impinge on the purchaser’s statutory rights.


1) Colour variations

Stonerite Limited is a manufactured stone surface that is consistent in structure, colour and texture and there is rarely any difference in colour from products manufactured from slabs from the same manufacturing batch. There may however be a very small variation in colour or tone from one batch to another and consequently Stonerite Limited will make every effort to ensure that goods dispatched for any order are from the same batch and are consistent. However subsequent orders which are intended to fit into the same area of a home to surfaces previously supplied, may be manufactured from a different batch and therefore may have a slight colour variation, unfortunately this is the nature of the product and no claim will be accepted due to such an occurrence

2) Colour and samples

The colours represented on the website and within Company literature are as good an indication of the actual colours that technology and the printing process allows. No guarantee regarding the actual colour can be given and if there is any doubt on the customer’s behalf then a colour sample or samples should be requested prior to ordering. No claim for incorrect colour will be accepted where no request for a sample has been received.

Colour samples are a strong indicator of actual colour, but as stated above there may well be a slight variation between a sample colour and the actual colour of the final product. Except in the cases of slight variation, where no claim will be accepted, where a claim for colour variation of a more substantial nature is made, it is essential that the customer retains original colour samples supplied as no claim will be accepted regarding incorrect colour unless the original sample supplied is retained for comparison purposes.

3) Published Information

Every effort is made to ensure that the information contained on the website and on Company communications literature is accurate, but the Company reserves the right to correct any information at any time which is found to be inaccurate and to communicate this adjustment to the customers as early as is practicable. Where a necessary adjustment to information has been made, the Company will not accept responsibility for customers acting on previous information if it can be demonstrated that new details have been communicated sufficiently by whatever means.

4) Company advice and support

The Company’s representatives offer advice and guidance on all of the products in good faith, but the Company will not accept responsibility for any errors that occur due to misunderstanding or misinterpretation of information. The onus is on the customer to clarify all details of an order and to ensure that the Company has received the correct information regarding the goods to be purchased.


5) Delivery of goods

The cost of delivery is not related to size or value of order, niether is it effected by dimensions or weight it is a single charge related entirely to geogrpahic location. The costs are confirmed under the ordering section.
For goods which are to be fitted by the customer or his agent, the goods may be delivered by our own transport or by a carrier on a  date agreed with the customer, this can be anytime during that day between 9.00 a.m. and 5.30 p.m. Specific delivery times are not available. If a customer calls our office on the day of delivery we will endeavour to asses what time the driver will arrive, but this is not guaranteed.

Once an order is confirmed we undertake to deliver goods within a maximum of 21 days. This date will be indicated at the time of purchase and should the date not be satisfactory to the customer we will not process the order and any payment taken or being processed will be refunded immediately. The precise delivery date will be confirmed and agreed at the time of shipping in order to ensure that this date is convenient to the customer, but will not normally be outside of the original delivery date indicated, without the prior consent of the customer.

6) Access

The Company will delivery the goods to the requested destination on the express condition that access is not restricted by whatever means, whether that be width of access, insufficient room for safe manoeuvre, poor road surface etc. In such circumstances the delivery shall be considered to be made when the goods are accepted by the customer in the nearest place to safely unload the goods. Terms regarding checking of goods at the point of delivery will apply. Any necessity to redirect to an alternative delivery point or for a later delivery date will incur extra costs which shall be passed onto the customer.

7) Collections

Goods can be collected from the Company premises which will eliminate the delivery charge, but the goods shall then be checked on collection and no subsequent claims regarding the condition of the products will be accepted.

8) Acceptance of goods

8.1 self fitting

Goods shall be delivered packed with sufficient packaging to prevent transit damage and any damage to packaging should be recorded and notified to the Company at the earliest opportunity.

a) Goods are to be checked on delivery. Where goods are delivered by outside carrier's damage or part loss claims cannot be entertained unless the carriers and the Company is notified on the day of delivery and confirmed in writing within three days from date of delivery.

b) Where the Company delivers goods and a receipt of delivery note signed by the customer is received without reference to shortage or damage, the goods will be considered as examined and therefore the Company can entertain no claim for damage or loss.

c) The Buyer may not exclude this provision either by marking his signature 'unexamined' or by failing to return the signed delivery note or otherwise

Goods should be opened and checked at the time of delivery and any faults, damage, shortages or errors recorded and notified to the Company at that time and confirmed in writing, as no subsequent claims for faults, errors or damage will be accepted.


8.2 Stonerite fitters

a) Colour of worktops much be checked by the customer or an authorised agent prior to commencement of fitting. No responsibility shall lie with Stonerite, where tops once fitted are found to be the wrong colour and any removal and/or replacement costs shall be the responsibility of the customer

b) Once fitted the finished installation must be checked according to the fitting sheet and any appropriate faults clearly indicated, which shall be dealt with at the time or as soon as possible afterwards. Any faults which were not highlighted at the time of fitting, shall be considered to have been caused subsequently and any repairs shall be chargeable.

c) If any plumbing is involved in the process of replacement worktops, Stonerite Ltd is not responsible for any defects that may occur in disconnecting the customers pipe work or old/faulty taps. If they need replacing, this will be at the cost of the customer.


9) Guarantee

The stone surface is guaranteed by the stone supplier and the details of the guarantee, is available on the manufacturers website. Customers are required to check the details of the Stone supplier and to register for the guarantee on the appropriate website.

Details of the installation guarantee are available in conjunction with the product care instructions as a downloadable and printable file via the Company website. It is essential that Stonerite Limited surfaces are cared for in accordance with the care instructions and they will retain their appearance and physical properties throughout the life of the guarantee, giving years of trouble free service. Due to the robust nature of the product, claims made under a guarantee are a rare commodity, nevertheless failure to follow the very basic care instructions could invalidate any subsequent claim made under the guarantee.


10) Payment

Payment for all goods is required before goods are despatched and no credit terms are available. Successful claims for faults, errors or damage will result in prompt refunds of any agreed amount. Customers paying via credit cards will enjoy the usual level of protection and customers’ statutory rights will apply.


11) Cancellations

Orders accepted by the Company may not be cancelled unless agreed in writing by the Company. Cancellation for modular, standard size worktops can only be accepted prior to shipment. Once goods have been dispatched any costs for delivery and return of goods will be deducted from any refund due to the customer.

Cancellation of goods ordered to the buyer's own design, plan or specification where production has commenced would not be accepted. This applies to all goods deemed specialist by way of being specifically ordered, bespoke, cut or unique in character for the customer. In the event that the Company agrees to accept a cancellation it reserves the right to recover any costs incurred in the processing of that order to the date of cancellation.


12) Returned Goods and refunds

Customers wishing to return goods must inform the Company within 7 days of receipt and provide valid reasons for the return having given due consideration to items (1), (2), (3) and (8) listed above. Goods can only be returned with the consent of the Company in writing and where goods are returned they will be inspected and only goods returned for the agreed valid reasons and in good condition will be refunded in full.

The goods must be received in the same condition as at date of dispatch from the Company's warehouse and in the original packaging. Where goods have been used or abused the Company reserves the right to make a deduction equivalent to the full purchase price of any damaged piece and the amount of refund will reflect this charge. Goods returned for any reason other than that which has been agreed may result in a restocking charge of 33% of the value of the goods, which will be deducted from any refund due.


13) Title to goods

The property in Goods delivered under this contract shall not pass to the buyer until the agreed purchase price payable under this contract has been paid in full. Until actual payment of all such sums, the Buyer shall hold the Goods in the fiduciary capacity of bailee (and without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, the Buyer shall store and mark the Goods in such manner that they shall be readily ascertainable as goods which are the property of the Company). It is provided that this requirement shall not prevent the Buyer from selling and using the Goods in the ordinary course of his business until such permission to do so, has been withdrawn.


14) Risk

When the goods are at the agreed delivery point according to clauses (5) & (6) above the risk shall pass from the Company to the Buyer or his/her agent, from the arrival of the goods and before the commencement of unloading, or at point of loading if the Buyer or a carrier/agent is collecting the Goods from the Company’s premises.


15) Applicable law

Any contract subsisting between the Company and the Buyer shall be construed in all respects in accordance with the Laws of England and unless otherwise arranged is subject to the jurisdiction of the English Courts.

  • The Company shall not be liable for any claims made in respect of costs incurred in replacing or re-fixing damaged or faulty goods. The Company's liability is to replace damaged or faulty Goods or item only in accordance with Manufactures Guarantee.
  • Flawed goods if fitted are deemed as accepted - The Company is not responsible for any loss or cost incurred should it agree to replace the flawed item. The customer is liable for replacement installation costs. This does not affect statutory rights. 


  • Retention of personal data
    The Company does not maintain a data base in any format and there are no records of customer data other than those required for the purposes of order processing and for the statutory requirements of financial accounting.
  • Storage of financial details
    The company does not retain any information regarding credit card details once a transaction is complete

We would repeat that no items listed under this agreement shall impact or impinge upon the Buyer’s statutory rights.